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Re: D800 or 8000E

camerashy wrote:

WOW!! so much interesting feedback overnight. I really appreciate everyone help and pleased to see that hand held with the D800E is not out of the question.

thank you all so much


Except for one shot (Nature’s Landscapes) all the shots here (my site) were shot hand held. And other than 3 classics, all are either shot with the D800 or 800E.  In addition, about 50 percent of them were shot with an older AF-S 24-85mm ED 3.5-4.5 lens, especially all the museum shots.

BTW, the colors are a little off on that page. Created it using Adobe Bridge and for some odd reason it seems to kill the colors in the images.

Anyway, Yeah, if you have good technique  you can definitely hand hold a D800/E and get sharp pictures. Although, sometimes “sharp” isn’t always warranted or needed.

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