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That helps a lot!

alatchin wrote:

SergeyGreen wrote:

When you look through the actual viewfinder it is not what you try to show it is. The bird is not getting smaller, it is the same bird, but with the wider view on larger format. You know, instead of me telling it, you just have to try it yourself.

It isnt what you say it is either, but somewhere in the middle. The E-3 E-5 viewfinder is only slightly smaller than the D-700 5Dm11 finders and so the bird will be getting smaller in the viewfinder without a longer focal length. This will also impact perceived AF accuracy.

So unless you want to spend in the $5000 range, or go Sony(very limited lens selection) then I believe he is making a very valid point.

Excellent link!  Indeed -- the D700 viewfinder is only 11% taller than the E3 viewfinder, but the D700 sensor is 85% taller, which does give the E3 a substantial framing advantage over the D700 when using the same focal length.

However, as I said in my post below, due to pixel density considerations alone, using the same focal length on a larger format to crop to the same framing as a smaller format is not the best way about it.

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