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If not When, life cycle of an OMD release & next DSLR

Jolly Oly wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

These aren't the most expensive SHG lenses and I'm not willing to settle for a m4/3.

so when new hybrid m4/3 camera, with state of the art sensor and fast pdaf focusing - but without a mirror and ovf - gets out, you will jump ship ?

That sounds like a foregone conclusion. That camera may appear some day a couple of years from now. It's less than a year since the EM-5 hit the market and only about 9 months since people could buy them so I doubt if Olympus will upgrade that model with a better replacement anytime soon. It would kill sales of their biggest selling camera in a few years, the EM-5.

Olympus historically offers upgrades to the E-x line every 3 to 4 years. That's why I think the next release that can optimize use of 4/3 SG, HG and SHG lenses will be an E-x and not an OMD.

Like I said, if Olympus offers a MILC with a lens adapter and hybrid, PDAF focus sensor and a video style EVF as a substitute for a large grip, rugged pro DSLR, no, I will not buy it. We'll have the E-5 to shoot with for a few years so we can take our time deciding what to do next.

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