Fujifilm HS50 Positive/Neg

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Re: articulated LCD

wymjym wrote:

. . .

I prefer the flippy screen as opposed to the twisty one.

I have found three positives going for the twisty, none of which would sway me to choose a camera based on them, they are:

1 Many times one can twist the screen around and basically protect the screen when shooting with the vf.

2 If twisted outward the screen can act as an additional rest….rest the screen on your shoulder while using the vf with camera pressed against your face…a little more stability

3 As Paul said, self portraiture

Another use for screens that have more degrees of freedom is that they provide greater stealth, and not just for street photographers that want to avoid calling attention to themselves by facing away from their subjects. I've heard some wildlife photographers say that some (smart?) birds are easily spooked if they see you looking in their direction. Animals too.

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