The new on-sensor PD-AF by Sony and now Samsung

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Re: Maybe but...

Everdog wrote:

The Nex 6 is still slower to focus and not as good indoors. It is my understanding that PDAF does not work in low light. The big problem is focus accuracy, sometimes the NEX focuses fast...but not on what you want. It will put a big green box around the whole frame and call that a focus point...but it may focus on the background, foreground or somewhere in between.

I can't tell if you're speaking from experience or just repeating what you've heard, but what you're describing has not been my experience with the NEX-6/16-50 combo. It's not perfect, but I've never met a focus system that is. Multi-focus usually grabbed what I wanted, but as usual, using center-only is a quick workaround.

I just don't think it's fair to trash the NEX (or any camera) unless you've used it and can say, with evidence, why it's poor. Or maybe you just have have professional needs, which doesn't make it a fail for the average person.

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