Retired General McChrystal on assault rifles....

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statistically the number of people killed by so-called "assault rifles" is dwarfed by the number of people killed each year by handguns.

Well, if you had any sense you'd ditch those too. But you gotta start somewhere. You are in a ridiculous situation.

This is the reason there's any resistance at all to the implementation of controls such as more rigorous screening of purchasers, storage requirements, and the restrictions on certain types of weapons.

No one thinks that's the objective. It's patently obvious that the total elimination of firearms is the goal and that these "common sense" and "reasonable" steps are anything but a practice run for the real thing.

Obviously, total elemination is the goal, but I don't think America is even remotely mature enough to make that decision all of-a-go, do you? Nevertheless, you have to make a start somewhere. That much is clear to everybody.

If you recall, a NY-area newspaper recently published a map showing the name and address of every gun permit issued in several metropolitan areas. I wonder how many of those permit holders acquired them in furtherance of some criminal activity. I wonder if confiscating all the guns that were purchased in connection with those permits will strike a blow against crime.

I think the prevailing opinion of the gun confiscators is that all those permit holders are murderers...or intend to be murderers...or will eventually - no matter what - attempt murder because ownership of a gun is the surest sign of mental illness and/or the most blatant anti-social behavior...or, even worse, are benign and innocent perpetrators of nothing at all which is problematic. Wait a minute! That last one can't be right! They have GUNS! It's GOT to be one of those first three.

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