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Re: Guys, this is what soft-proofing is for....

Craig wrote:

technoid wrote:

Martin Datzinger wrote:

technoid wrote:
those that aren't very near the gamut boundery, can actually become more saturated and there is also significant tone curve shifting (contrast increase).

A reason then, not to use those profiles.

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I agree for the most part. It makes it a bit harder to work an image in one's chosen colorspace. Mine is usually aRGB unless the gamut is getting pushed then I switch to ProPhoto. But for people that are working in sRGB it's a simple way to print beyond the sRGB limits. My guess is that this approach is designed to improve the printing experience of the majority of those that work in sRGB. It's not for me, and probably not for the majority that work in expanded spaces with good color managed workflows. But then those people are likely not to use Perceptual at all. RC is best if one wants consistent controlled color. Perceptual is whatever the profiler vender thinks looks good for the majority of their users.

I have noted on the few prints I made then compared using P, and the RC, I noticed the RC prints were better, not as muddy.

But then I could have had other problems since I was just getting up and running.

At any rate I just printed out a 11x14 using RC and BP and it came out real nice.

I am sure the range of colors were well in bounds of sRGB that I use.

When using QI and you want say 1/8" borders on the print what do you use? Do set in boarders or use the % input like at 98% etc.?

Hi Craig,

I'm not surprised. A side effect of tone curve contrast enhancement which some Perceptual profiles do is less contrast at the low end of the tone curve. That's certainly the case with the I1Profiler. BP and RC is absolutely the best way to print when there are significant dark area clarity requirements.

I don't use QI. Just PhotoShop.

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