Fujifilm HS50 Positive/Neg

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Re: articulated LCD

PAUL TILL wrote:

Midwest wrote:

PAUL TILL wrote:

No, you would have got that with the LCD on the HS or X-S1, it tilts down for shooting over your head.

In that case then quite possibly. Certainly a tilt-only LCD is better than nothing but still at a handicap compared to a tilt-swivel.

How, give me an example, the only thing I can think of it a self portrait.

Other than a self portrait, you can use the 'viewfinder' of the camera from any position you like while the camera is mounted on a tripod - front, side, above, at an angle, you don't have to be behind the camera to see it. You can compose a shot from anyplace and still be able to see the LCD.

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