which camera to buy 60D or 7D

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Re: which camera to buy 60D or 7D

Brian wrote:

I also am trying to decide between the 60D and the 7D. My goals are similar to the OP. However, can I get some clarification on WAZU's comment

"You really only get more from the 7D when you're using L glass and chasing fast moving objects with the higher burst rate."

In regards to seeing a difference between the two bodies using "L" glass? What differences will you see using this glass in the 7D vs. the 60D. Will the 60D be suitable for a 70-200 F2.8L. A lens I intend on using for indoor kids sports photography.


Yeah the 60D will work fine with the lens. Nice lens by the way

My experience is that both cameras shoot fine for most things. But if you want to push the limts (i.e. very fast moving, very thin DOF, tough target for the camera to get a lock on, etc), then the 7D is the better camera. BUT...if you are working in those type of situations, you had better also have a lens that can keep up. It would be no use having a camera that could "potentially" track must faster targets if you are then held back by a lens that is too slow.

An example might be if someone wants to shoot fast action so they buy a 7D. But then they put a canon 70-300 IS NON-L lens on it. The non-L lens is a great little lens, and will work fine shooting the kids in the back yard. BUT, once the shooter goes out to take pictures of swallows swooping past the nest box, the lens sinply won't be able to keep up with the camera. Unless the shooter intends to upgrade the lens as well, they just won't see any advantage of the 7D over the 60D.

I think that's why when people ask "upgrade the camera or the lens" people often say it is useless having the latest and greatest camera if the glassware you own can't keep up.

At least that's my take?

Cheers Mike

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