Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

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Re: Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

Mikedigi wrote:

ChrisJS wrote:

Personally I use a grey card when colours are important or in artificial lighting situations and SP gets the colours right after WB alignment.

Not so much a thread, more a way of life - well done Chris, you must be exhausted.

For my JPEGs, initially, I was just learning to set WB indoors with a white card per page 89 of the FZ200 manual and now I see mention of a grey card . . .

So am I doing the wrong thing?


Sir Fidgit,

Whatever shade of grey is used in the card (including the brightest grey, white) the essential thing is to ensure the card itsef doesn't have a colour cast.  I have various sheets of card about the place as I like to do my own framing & mounting of pics.  Many of these cards are "white"; but put them side by side and you realise that there are many shades of white - yellowy whites, bluey-whites and even pinky-whites!

There are manufacturers who will sell you a genuinely white (or grey) card for often lots of pounds (and even more dollars).  I suppose that is the safest route.  Perhaps these cards are also immune to going orf if left in the sunlight, for example?

I confess that I am a cheapskate and look for the whitest-looking of those mount board cards I have then use a chunk of that.  It seems to work - although how does one know for sure?  The photos look right, when taken with a card-measured WB value; but maybe it's just my clever human eye-brain that's doing some auto-compensation?  

SirLataxe, trying not to obsess.

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