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Re: GIMP is highly usable

CAcreeks wrote:

abelits wrote:

No, GIMP doesn't have adjustment layers.

GIMP has layers of many types, but not adjustment. This is one of those misguided criticisms I was talking about earlier. Adjustment layers are fairly useless for these reasons:

  • Adjustment layers involve large PSD files clogging up disk.
  • It is far more efficient to track changes with non-destructive edits as in Bibble Pro Corel Aftershot or Adobe Lightroom.
  • GIMP has a very speedy multiple Undo facility.

Disk is cheap. Time is expensive. I have a photo that takes up 5 MB on my drive. I added four adjustment layers and it's now 10 mb. No big deal. If I start filling the adjustment layers with masks they'll get bigger, but that's not necessary for every image.

Aftershot pro's non destructive edits are neat, but not as flexible as adjustment layers, from what I've seen so far. I don't have LR.

Do you have a way to, for example, apply a color temperature adjustment, or a curves adjustment, through a gradient mask? Also, I frequently find that when I have six or so adjustment layers, that I need to go back and change the settings on the initial adjustments after I get further along in the editing process. Being able to toggle them all is very useful.
Also, can you duplicate your regions? So for instance, if you have a gradient mask that you change levels through, can you duplicate that mask and use it for color temperature too, and then invert it and use it for contrast? Then modify the mask and populate it through the adjustments?

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