Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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String wrote:

That with a child, you will be going to the beach, Kids Museum's birthday party's, in-laws place, Disney Land (at some point), etc. You'll have a stroller, diaper bag, food, etc. etc. While you may bring a D800/lenses/flash to those places, it will be a pita.

Its much easier with a smaller system. An OM-D, a couple of fast lenses and a flash will weigh less that the D800 alone and that will make a world of difference in your enjoyment of the day. I'm also assuming that the majority of your photos will be seen on the net, an iPad, you'll make pictures for the grandparents, calendars and all that usual kid stuff; I would say that you'd be challenged to notice any quality difference at those sizes between the two cameras.

I'd also suggest that processing images from the D800 will be a pain; the OM-D gives great ooc jpegs so if your at Grandma's house, simply give her a few shots. With the Nikon, you'll have to go home and PP them because you are only shooting raw (right?). No point in getting a D800/glass if you want to shoot jpegs. Consider the time of processing as well; if you are a new dad, wave goodbye to your "free" time... PP 100 baby images from a D800... yep, I have that to do yet will be a common answer to Grandma or Mom when they ask to see the shots.

I agree with you that the OMD is far more convenient to take with you places, although to your flash comment, I contend that the D800 has one built-in for fill situations and the OMD you have to carry the separate flash, which is a pain.

The Nikon's JPGs are no more need to shoot in RAW with the D800 than you do with the OMD...both benefit from RAW, but both produce nice JPGs.   You can shoot JPG+RAW and get the best of both worlds.

I shoot only RAW with m43 (now the GH3) and the D800 since I find it just as convenient as JPGs and gives you a large advantage.  With LR, you just import the images and, while the D800 images take a few minutes longer to import, it is absolutely no more effort and I find editing them is just about as fast.   You're comments don't reflect the reality I experience with both and are a bit over dramatic.

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