Polaroid iM1836: Worst camera name ever?

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Re: Polaroid iM1836: Worst camera name ever?

Airless wrote:

Back in the 20th century, Polaroid was a legendary brand of camera that still elicits nostalgia from anyone old enough to have used one. As far as I know, this is the first ever Polaroid-branded digital camera, so they have a huge opportunity to corner a sizable market share with a well-made, well-marketed product. So probably the easiest thing they had to do was come up with a suitable name. And lo and behold, the marketing geniuses at Sakar (never heard of them) came up with the brilliant moniker of...iM1836...the hell is that??? A meaningless mashup of letters and numbers, uppercase, lowercase, how utterly stupid would anyone have to be to approve such an outrageously unmemorable name for a just-revived brand's new flagship digital camera? I mean, they didn't even put any ZEROES in the model number! iM1836 must have come from the same bigshots who thought they were so clever to come up with the movie name "jOBS", obtuse capitalization and all.

It was probably an internal development designation that never got replaced by anything better.

image mobile 18 to 36; that being the target demographic.

Kodak had a similar flair for model names.

I feel more critical towards its having the sensor in the lens than its name.


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