Travel Photography in Cuba using Micro Four Thirds - A photo essay

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Re: Travel Photography in Cuba using Micro Four Thirds - A photo essay

I'm surprised and delighted by the very good feedback from the forum members. Thank you all guys for your kind comments.

I've been a micro four thirds user for a couple of years, and I believe it is a great system for travel photographers, it hits a sweet spot between size, weight, portability, and image quality.


Thanks for your comments. I used lightroom and nik's silver efex plugin for the processing of these images.


Definitely bring your GF1 to Cuba, it is a great camera for getting up close to people in a non obtrusive way. Make sure to get out of hotels and discover the real Cuba, very nice and friendly people, just make sure to understand how their economy works, particularly their need for dollars (convertible pesos or CUC as they call them, really).


Thank you, in fact I have a couple of dozen or so of other "keeper" photographs, but I restricted to Viñales and the Guajiros in order to come up with a coherent photo essay.


Thanks for taking the time to visit my site, I appreciate.


Wow, thanks a lot for the compliments! I don't think i'm nearly close to any of the masters (HCB, Ansel Adams), but your kind comments made me smile. Thanks!

@Dave Sanders

Thanks for the comments Dave. I know what you're saying regarding the vignette. It is one of those things that can be easily overdone. I'm guilty of that. In this particular photo essay, I wanted to work around the idea of memories. This whole album is an idealized, somewhat romantic version of Viñales and what I saw there. I wanted to work within this idea of digging in the past, as Cuba is like a living time machine - so the pictures are in black and white, with heavy vignette, and the portaits have like a timeless quality to them, they could very well be pictures from the fifties. I may have gone too strong on the effect, but there was an aesthetic as well as conceptual reason for going for that "look", a certain "atmosphere".


Hi there. I used lightroom and nik's silver efex plugin to get the look of the images. My first step is to work the image in LR to get to a good starting point: get rid of colour noise, reduce a bit of chroma noise, make sure white balance is right, and make sure that shadows and highlights are balanced. After that I edit the picture in nik's silver efex, I generally test a few presets as starting points and then I customize the look to fit my vision. It is a trial and error process. For this photo essay I used a couple of different looks depending on the specific picture.

@Noah Genda

Hi Noah, please read the comment above regarding post processing. Definitely go to Viñales, you will love the place. Rent a bike, hire a guide and go to the surrounding areas. You will never forget being there.


Cuban people is very friendly, particularly in smaller towns like Viñales. Thanks for commenting!

@Vittorio Fracassi

Thanks a lot for your insightful comment. As I mentioned to Dave Sanders a few paragraphs above, there was a conceptual as well as a sentimental reason for going with that heavy vignetted look. It is possible that it feels a bit overdone, particularly on pictures with clear skies, where it is much more evident, but I believe it is true to my vision. Unless you go for a clean, neutral look, post processing will always be a subject of debate, I suppose.




Thanks Roel. Very cool site btw!

Thank you all for your very positive feedback. I really appreciate that you took the time to see the pics and commenting!

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