Where to get Orbis Ring Flash at a reasonable price for the UK?

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Re: Where to get Orbis Ring Flash at a reasonable price for the UK?

My question wasn't why it's more expensive in the EU than the US, my question was why it is more expensive in the EU than in the UK. It is vastly more expensive in the UK than the EU -- more than can be explained by VAT etc.

If I go to the Enlight store, select the Orbis Ring Flash + Arm, and get a quote for Shipping + Tax to ship to France, it comes out at $249. That's £155.

If I look at a UK retailer it's about £235 ($377). £235 is 52% more than £155. So that's the markup on UK sales, 52% more.

The Enlight Pro store is quoting prices for shipping + tax. I would assume that includes import taxes etc, but even if it doesn't they wouldn't be an additional 52%. According to the import tax calculator http://www.dutycalculator.com/new-import-duty-and-tax-calculation/saved_calculations/view_details/153005688/ importing from the US, the tax and duty payable would be £31.09 (just 20% import VAT, as the duty amount is below the threshold, and so is nil).

So if there is no import tax to pay (as implied) the price should be £155.

If there is import tax to pay (20%) the price should be £186.

The actual price in a UK store is £235.

In other words there is a huge markup being applied to UK consumers. Even with import tax there'd only be 20% more to pay, but the actual cost in the UK is 52% more, an enormous markup. That other companies like Apple might get away with it is irrelevant.

I don't see why your office in the UK being more expensive than elsewhere is at all relevant. You have offices / distribution centres / whatever around the world, and you factor those in to the costs of your business. It makes no sense to say that UK customers are penalised more than those in mainland Europe simply because your office happens to be here!

You mention that there will soon be a new store which will sell to UK customers. Why doesn't the existing online store sell to UK consumers? As far as I can tell the only reason it sells to all other European countries but not the UK is because you specifically chose not to supply to the UK. If it did then we wouldn't be disadvantaged as we are now.

When the new UK online store is online, what price is it going to sell the ring flash + arm for? Will it be £155 or £186 or will it just be £235, the same price that other stores in the UK are currently selling it for?

I look forward to your reply.

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