Jessops (uk camera store) has entered administration

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Re: Jessops (uk camera store) has entered administration

It's a bit of a shame, but not at all surprising.

I used to work in one of the south's biggest branch as a Sony rep. I was always dissapointed by the lack of stock. When someone had specific needs we offered 'ordering it in for you to collect later'. Although some customers appreciated this, most thought similar to me 'why don't I just do it online myself and get it sent to my door?'.

Also competing with the likes of Amazon on price just wouldn't happen, especially with accessories where the money was really made and what distinguished the top performing staff in total sales in pounds.

We had a good rep due to enthusiastic staff who knew cameras (only the manager ironically was the only non long term photography enthusiast). Of course we couldn't always give honest advice, especially about price, it was a dismissable offence to recommend amazon for cheaper prices for example, and most of the staff tried to push their own favoured brands rather than give the customer a wide choice (something which annoyed me as a Sony rep as most liked to sell Canon).

A friend who still works there said they all found out via customers telling them the news too, rather than a official announcement on the day, which is quite poor form too.

Now I live in Japan, Jessops seems even more ridiculous though, the tripod sections in the bigger stores are have more variety than our entire Jessops store stock and space. I think the big electronic chains like Currys need to capitalise and hire photography experts to make the sales rather than generic sales people expected to know everything in store as that seems to work well in Japan. You don't talk to a TV salesman about cameras.

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