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Thomas Kolenich
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Re: I have a problem

I may or may not add anything to the discussion here.

Four weeks ago, I lost 555 RAW and 555 JPEGS on a Sandisk 16 meg Extreme 60MB/s. Since they were wedding images, I immediatley sent to Seagate in Southern California and paid $400 to recover them. Unfortunately, they were only able to recover the JPEGS which compromised the quality of the job and I ended up giving the customer a substantial discount.

I never thought it may be the card. I use a lot of Transend cards and bought this one for doing sport pictures for a local private school I cover on contract.

I have been doing this for 12 years and this is the first time I have had this happen. I blamed the card reader which is the lowest common denominator, but who knows what happens.

I have not put Sandisk Extreme Corruption problems into a search engine and see what other people are saying. I just moved forward and am now using redundant cards in my D3 and Olympus E5.

Tom Kolenich


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