X100s = $1,299. What will X100 price now be?

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What will X100 price now be?

Your experience differs from mine. Not arguing, just telling you what happened.Some may have got cameras, but by your own admission you had to cancel and re-order - hardly a picture of abundance.

I too am amazed that no retailer in Birmingham ever had a Fuji when I visited - I could have bought a Leica M9, but certainly no X100 - still the same. If you read carefully, I actually had to use EBAY to source one a few months later.*

P.S. Just followed your link - if the X100 was so abundant why are some posters in this March 11th thread (with multiple pre-orders) putting up duplicate cameras on Ebay if they were not confident of selling at exorbitant premiums? Ebay fees alone would make it implausible to sell for retail ... why not just cancel/return to source to fulfill the outstanding orders?

* Simple answer - profiteering! A boxed X100 often fetched £1200 plus on auction sites in this period.

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