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I agree. These are all good reasons for Olympus to keep making 4/3 DSLRs. And it needs to evolve with a better sensor. As Chris said, "Better sensors are the main reason for releasing new cameras: better DR, better high iso, better overall noise control."

Good points Riley. The Full Frame Factor is going to eliminate the high priced APS cameras. Except if you want a rugged, weather proof camera in the mid-price level. Again, Olympus to the rescue.

I haven't read anything about canikon eliminating APS cameras. But I'm reading more about the process of photography and artistic expression than I am about gear. I just don't read all of the review articles about other camera brands. I expct canikon to keep producing cameras for the masses. It's got to be highly profitable. If they don't produce a Pro level APS camera then so much the better for Olympus.

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What a lot of people have left out of this equation is the users of long lenses. A lot of the wildlife shooters are starting to bitch about having to go FF. Yes more MP and crop but its nice to actually see what you are shooting.

I actually think thats one place this format should have gone, a sealed body with ridiculously high frame rate 43rds with at least one more lens, a 200-400 HG. With the loss of high end APSC (sans 7D) thats the niche to be in, its something that FF's cant do as well if at all, and something less serviced by their lens suite without taking out a mortgage or selling a car.

Together with 90-250, 300/2.8 1.4x and 2x, a 200-400 HG 43rds offers a dedicated system of lenses that dont fall back b/se theyre FF lenses, suitable for sports and wildlife shooters, even in harsh environments.

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