Portability v Quality are we obsessed by size?

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Re: Portability v Quality are we obsessed by size?

In a sense those of us who dont shoot with a large format camera are making compromises in image quality.  its always a ballance, and you have to look at intended need of the photograph, other than zooming in 100%.

I have 3 "systems".  a 5d3 with about 15 lenses, mostly L, an nex 5N with 3-4 lenses and an ovf, and a pansonic lx-5.  I use all 3 on a regular basis, albeit, the panasonic gets the least use, and I think all 3 excel at what they are meant to do.

If I were to go to a dedicated landscape shooting trip, I would always take my 5d.  If I am going to a wedding or party, I usually take the nex 5N with 18-55 and 50 1.8. the 50 fits in cargo pants or even suit pant pocket for me.  I went to a wedding of a cousin with this combo, and loved it.

If I am just going out for a walk, with my two little daughters, or dont want to fuss with equipment, and light is good, take my panasonic.

around the house, I exclusively shoot my 5d3, however my wife still prefers the nex5n.  she takes more videos, and I mount the sigma 30 2.8 lens for her, and then she loves the size and takes a lot of pictures of our children, one handed.  she would never use my 5d3 nearly as much.

I have images produced by all 3 of those systems that I love and cherish.

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