Fuji hands-on at CES 2013

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Re: Fuji hands-on at CES 2013

Chris Dodkin wrote:

Ray - I couldn't do a side by side as the camera manufacturers booths were far apart - but I did take the time to go upstairs to Olympus and try the OMD.

Based on a quick test with both X100S and OMD, the X100S has the same instant AF feel now - The OMD was certainly no better, and I felt it was slower

I can believe it would feel as fast, but if the OMD felt slower, you'd have to have been using one of the older m43 lenses. Something like the Panasonic 20mm would feel slow on any camera. But put the new Olympus 17mm (not the original one - the new one at f1.8) on it, which is the same focal length, or the Olympus 12, 45 , 75, or Panasonic 25 and I just can't believe anything is gonna FEEL notably faster. It might measure slightly faster.

Anyway, if it even feels like it's close or equal with the OMD, that's more than good enough for me. Thanks for your observations on that. It sounds like a HUGE step up for Fuji!

Good questions on the 14mm - I used the rear screen to focus/shot yesterday - will try the OVF today

Thanks Chris - I really appreciate it. If you could ask one of the reps about how it will work with the OVF with the new firmware, I would hugely appreciate it.


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