Fuji hands-on at CES 2013

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Re: Fuji hands-on at CES 2013

Pasaguy wrote:

So the OMD is the pinnacle of AF and no camera will ever outdo it?

Of course not, but for single shot AF, there is no camera out there that "smokes" it. Its basically instant, so even if you had a camera that's half of instant, you wouldn't be able to detect the difference without a stopwatch with an electronic connection to the camera. This is lens dependent - with a couple of the oldest m43 lenses, its not that fast at all, but with any of the modern m43 lenses, it smokes. There are plenty of other cameras that feel just as fast to me as the OMD (even though most aren't quite as fast when measured), but none that feel noticeably faster. So, do I doubt that the X100 or other cameras can basically match the OMD or technically surpass it - no I don't. But I seriously doubt that any camera can "smoke it" to an extent you could even feel the difference in use.

In terms of tracking AF, that's a different question - at this point you need PDAF for really good tracking AF so plenty of good PDAF cameras smoke the OMD for tracking action, but for jus pure single shot AF speed - no way.


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