Auto focus lag - Startup slow - A99

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Re: You NEED to be prepared for action shooting

OntarioJohn wrote:

We get it, you hate the camera and won't buy one.

I'm at 100% satisfaction with mine.

I suppose I'm a moron, I have the 77 and 99 and in this matter there is no change.

The 77 was slow on startup at one time, but a firmware release fixed that to my satisfaction.

I guess you've made your point.

And I've made mine.

Maybe I'll be a less grumpy old man after coffee. I shall start that process, and sneak my morning smoke.

John the Canuck Conley

Actually no need to be grumpy - I most probably WILL buy a 99. The idea here is that there are a few points that keep bugging me: dismal battery life, slow aspects of the interface in areas where it should really be quick, and, of course, the price!

The thing I most probably WON'T do is buy it ASAP - I'm pretty comfident that firmware upgrades will improve on the slowness and the AF-D lens support, and that the price will go down. David Kilpatrick's comment on the gross current overpricing are spot on imho.

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