5D MKII with Triggertrap for iOS using Bulb Ramping HELP!

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Re: 5D MKII with Triggertrap for iOS using Bulb Ramping HELP!

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

I used it on a D800E and gave up on it for night time lapses to get transitions from dusk to dark.

Basically it will do that but once it gets dark you need 30 second exposures and it can't be programmed for that. So I ended up with a sequence that was slightly flickering (that can be handled with antiflicker software afterwards) that went too dark once it got dark.

Also if you are doing a night time lapse and you need say 3 hours at least of footage your iphone will give out before the camera battery does.

I had some email conversations with a developer of the unit and they have some limitations placed on them by the iphone and the method of triggering the camera.

Perhaps it works better for dark to light but you would have to know what your light settings would be otherwise it will go from dark to overexposed.

I use the internal intervalometer on the D800 all the time and it does a great job. But it does not allow ramping which in the time lapse community has been limited to Canon's due to the minimum increments of shutter speed Canon allows. I am not sure if Nikon has changed that in later models.

There are some ramping devices already on the market and some about to come on the market from that website where inventors raise investors to bring a product to market. There were a couple of devices that hopefully will be on the market soon.

Canon has an edge here in the ramping action but Nikon has the nice built in intervalvometer that can either shoot a RAW sequence or create a movie file out of a jpeg sequence (the one I use but you lose some of your processing ability, you can still process it like a jpeg in LR and sync it to remaining images in the sequence).

There was one called a little bramper I think it was that seems to work with both brands. A Calif company as I recall.


Thank you so much for this post.  I figured the battery would kick out pretty quick - but I think we will be having battery packs on hand for the cameras anyways, so, im sure i can just plug in.  And the i phone app won't let you go beyond a 30 secon exposure for Bulb Ramping?

I've looked at some devices on the market, not sure if I am able to spend $200-$300 just yet on one. It's just one project I am working on and not sure if we will be doing more, so we are looking for the cheapest route as possible right now.

I have looked at Little Bramper, but he isn't producing them anymore - in fact, of all the 1000 web pages I've read, the Little Bramper is the best unit out there and has the most information!  I have also looked at Magic Lantern as well, not too sure if I'm ready to do that, just yet.  I have read that it is quite stable and maybe like 2 out of 1000 people have had their cameras lock up - but, not sure just yet.

Thank you for taking the time to write this post and to help me out.


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