The new on-sensor PD-AF by Sony and now Samsung

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Re: Maybe but...

Everdog wrote:

So far the Sony version does not work very well. There are a lot of restrictions and the NEX cameras still don't focus as fast as the GH3 or E-M5.

One other fear is Oly PDAF was never that good on their DSLRs. We will see later this year.

I just shot a vacation with an E-PM2 and a Nex-6/16-50PZ, and I thought the Sony in hyrid AF mode worked great. I hope Olympus adopts this technology as soon as possible, in general I find the racking in and out of contrast focus to be annoying (though it is minimal with Olympus, kudos for probably the best CDAF implementation in the business).

When you say the Sony system doesn't work well, are you referring to a specific performance issue that you experienced, or just that it works only with a few lenses so far and it's slower? A far as speed, it was a bit slower than the Oly. Just a bit. A non-issue in real-world use, and it did well at night even with the slower lens I was using. I certainly didn't lose any shots because of the AF speed. As far as restrictions, they're adding hybrid AF support via firmware, it shouldn't be long before most or all of the lens line-up is supported.

As for Oly PDAF technology from their DSLRs, would that even be a factor? Never had a problem with my E-500, btw. I understand the hybrid technology is implemented on the sensor, which would be supplied by Sony. Is there another aspect to this I'm not aware of?

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