X100s = $1,299. What will X100 price now be?

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Re: X100s = $1,299. What will X100 price now be?

Photozopia wrote:

Stephenbw wrote:

I don't believe the same scenario will play out at all.

As I already said in a previous reply the stock problems with the X100 were largely down to the tsunami and some resellers sadly took advantage of this situation. However I don't recall any reputable retailers, like those you mentioned previously, hiking their prices. In fact, quite a number of people on this forum who had pre-ordered the camera were lucky enough to get theirs in March 2011 for the RRP of £999 from companies like WEX and the LCE and others reported buying them over the counter for this price on March 9th.

In effect the launch of the X100 was prolonged by events outside of Fuji's control, (although there was no official 'launch date'; Fuji merely announced the the X100 would be available in the UK "from Spring 2011" ) and when the camera was effectively 'launched' in greater numbers the UK it did so with £100 discounts from a number of reputable dealers.

Barring unexpected natural disasters I expect to see the X100S available in the UK at the end of February for £999 with further discounts in the following weeks.

You shilling for Fuji? Overall UK X100 supply/demand was far from the rosy image you paint ...

Even six months later (official release was March 2011) the X100 was not available 'over the counter' in local stores ... and I live three miles from the UK's second city and less than a mile (as the crow flies) from the largest (nationwide) retail technology outlet in Western Europe.

Even now - that same retail outlet has never had an X100 in stock ... or in a display case.

Believe me - so called online 'reputable dealers' charged premiums - if you wanted one in less than three months ... or you joined the back of a long line. Do you think I bought ex-demo for fun?

Not at all, and I don't believe my post paints a rosy picture. I acknowledge that there were production and distribution problems caused by the tsunami.
I'm just stating the facts as they happened, and the experiences of members of this forum who bought them over the counter and reported doing so at the time.  When I was in Manchester, on March 24th I saw one of the members from this thread shooting with the X100 he had bought over the counter on March 9th.


I myself had a camera on order in March which I had to cancel as the revised delivery date was just too close to my upcoming holiday. I received notification that "Fujifilm has advised us that due to the recent events in Japan, the supply of the FinePix X100 camera has been disrupted. Manufacture of this product was temporarily halted, but has now resumed ".

I had no problem whatsoever in buying the camera for £899 on my return to the UK in May, so I can't comment as to why the "largest (nationwide) retail technology outlet in Western Europe " has never had one or why you could only find an ex-demo model in "the UK's second city".

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