Hogan's thoughts on DX-to-FX transition

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Re: Seriously,

Shunda77 wrote:

stuntmonkey wrote:

Shunda77 wrote:

Thom has lost credibility.

He should stick to playing with is toy cameras and forget about DX altogether.

What part of a useful (if probably obvious) "welcome to FX" post lacks credibility?

  • That you need to reevaluate your focal lengths?
  • That you have to be even more careful with
  • That you have to upgrade your computer hardware to keep up with storage and processing demands? You are a fancy high end camera shooter, after all

So, what part of that advice doesn't have credibility?

Do you seriously think that someone ready to fork out the considerable outlay to purchase an FX camera is not going to understand how the focal lengths of their lenses will work?

Based on my experience before Christmas, where I just happened to walk by the camera section, and a customer was asking the clerk about the D800... I'd say yes.

In this case, the guy was wanting something to improve his shots of his kids sports games.

He had a D90 and wanted a D800 to get better shots.

When I realized what was going on, and engaged in a discussion about his lens set, we realized that he had all DX lenses, and they were the usual F3.5-5.6. We discussed more, and I informed him a D800 wouldn't necessarily help him take better pictures of his kids games. He'd be better off spending money on some nice telephoto lenses, like a 70-200 F2.8, which in the end, is cheaper than a D800 itself. LOL

Anyways, around here, we've got a lot of high paid people who can buy whatever they want, and if they want the latest camera, they can buy it and not even consider if it really meets their needs or not.

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