I just purchased a Nikon D70 on ebay for $65, Good price?

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Re: I just purchased a Nikon D70 on ebay for $65, Good price?

ReCat wrote:

Today I found a Nikon D70 on ebay for $65, They say the hotshoe and flash doesn't work. I've just been looking for one for a very very long time, and I happened to have the spare money on hand. It's without the lens, though. It appears to me the body of a D70 regularly goes for upwards of 100, so I suppose this is a good deal?

I should've asked first, probably, Just didn't want to miss it out.

Anyways, I have a second question: Since it doesn't come with a lens, what lens should I get for it? I have a budget of $90 dollars. I've seen lenses on craigslist for around $50 before... so I suppose the stock lens can't be TOO expensive used, right?

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Yes, that is a good price.  I recently sold a one that wasn't working for $75.

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