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Re: Just wanted to say..............

Jules, as Ray has noted many times, Scott Deardorff is the considered "Master" of this effect. He has two posted tutorials on this forum done in 2006 - here's the first link:


He also has a couple of DVD's available.

And also agree with Ray's thoughts.

JulesJ wrote:

I quite agree with your thoughts Ray. And a Happy New Year to you all.

Having said that I am not a great fan of all the smudging, I would actually like to enlarge my knowledge base by knowing how to do it. Is there, or have you done a YouTube tutorial on it? Although I wouldn't use it for complete portraits, I think it could be useful in the type of retouching that I do which is portraits, for parts of the face. I don't know. But I am always eager to learn.


RayGuselli wrote:

what a fantastic wealth of skill and experience there is here.

Looking at some of the questions and challenges posed, it never ceases to amaze me how talented people here are. Some excellent replies, a willingness to share techniques and help others.

I have just enjoyed learning from the stained slide thread with special thanks to Allen Gerdes who helped me understand a process I was struggling with and to Paul who also kindly helped via e mail.

But there are so many other examples of people with great skill and understanding who are willing to help and assist others....

So, just wanted to say, what a great forum this is..

Best wishes to al


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