..." A dance, all bent, feet synchronized "... MM+75 Apo Cron.

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Re: ..." A dance, all bent, feet synchronized "... MM+75 Apo Cron.


Many thanks for responding to my comment with such grace.  Whilst we may not completely agree, it is good that we can debate honestly and without scorn.

I did look at your website before posting - and there are many excellent images for us all to enjoy - although perhaps one or two may have influenced my initial response.

It is probably a forum topic on its own where it would be interesting to discuss the use of vulnerable subjects within popular photography (I use this term, perhaps wrongly, to attempt to differentiate between serious social commentary/photo journalism).  Whilst wishing not to censor, there are moral obligations that I do think we to reflect upon.

I would congratulate you on you use of English - it is to my shame (especially given that France is one of our favorite camping destinations) that I cannot reciprocate be responding to your post in French! Last summer covered over 1700 miles in our old VW Campervan - reaching Rocamadour and Sarlat de Caneda.  Simply breathtaking!



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