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howielenny wrote:

I'm wondering are there many people who have changed from a DSLR system to a 4/3 system and what's their view on the change? I'm not getting any younger (47 this year) and if I go on a shoot with all my DSLR gear (not to mention my medium format film gear) it's really getting heavy. I'm now loving the thought and idea of having a small light system especially having played with the Om-d Em-5.

I would answer with a link to a thread I posted a little while back describing why I switched from Canon APS-C to E-M5 (and why I love my new camera so much):


Summary: I love having a system that is small enough to take everywhere yet doesn't compromise on image quality.  The E-M5 is very enjoyable to shoot with and my photography has improved if from nothing else than I actually use my camera now.  The best camera is the one you have with you and all that.

I'm hoping to get an Epl-5 shortly with the possibility of me moving completely over to 4/3. Having looked at sample photo's from the epl-5 (I've not found loads) the image quality looks very good. How does something like the epl-5 compare to images from my D7000 or other similar cameras in the DX range?

For almost all intents and purposes, you will notice no difference.  The E-PL5 is a fine camera and produces results virtually identical to the E-M5 and on par with DX (and EF-S) cameras.  I imagine you've not found a ton of pics because the camera is very new.  You can look at E-M5 shots to see a good approximation of what is possible with the newest PEN bodies (E-PL5 and E-PM2) since they share the same sensor.

One other question more to the Olympus 4/3 users, how is the flash system with something like the Epl-5. I currently have a Nikon SB-910 which is a fantastic flash unit on or off camera so I'm also hoping that there is a good camera flash for the Olympus 4/3 system.

The snap on flashes for the E-M5, E-PL5 and E-PM2 are garbage.  They are very weak and cannot be bounced.

I used to have a 430EX II (mid range Canon speedlight).  Originally, I didn't buy an external flash for my new E-M5 because the whole point of switching to m4/3 was to reduce the size and complexity of my kit.  And still, for most situations, I don't need or use a flash.  The excellent high ISO performance of the E-M5 combined with its stellar IBIS obviate the need for flash in many situations... but... I still found there were shots that I just needed better lighting for.

So I bit the bullet and bought the Olympus FL-600R.  It is a pretty good flash with RC master and slave mode.  It doesn't produce results quite as good as my old Canon setup did (at least right out of the box in TTL mode), but for an external flash it's really quite small.  It works seamlessly with all newer Olympus bodies - both on camera and in RC mode.

Olympus has higher end flash, the FL-50R that is more powerful than the 600, but still not quite as powerful as the 430EX II or your SB-910.

Any help or advice will be very much appreciated.



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