Owning both FF DSLR and Mirrorless - the future?

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Re: Makes Sense to be a DUAL (mirrorless + DSLR) shooter, but FF not necessary

"I have many friends who are dual shooter. They tend to be Small Micro43 (travel / landscape) + BigFullframe (portrait sports). Micro 43's smaller sensor = Larger Depth of Field and is an unique advantage for landscape shoot. Likewise, FF's larger sensor = Shallow Depth of Field and provide superior subject isolation. I think m43 + FF is the ideal solution when money isn't an object."

Complementarity FF/m43: I often pondered upon the above. It makes good sense, except two issues.

One, i still need a 1/1.7" or the like small sensor P&S for 1" macros, quasi-infinite DOF and general (light) shooting. The always-present small P&S remains my primary tool, irrespective of how many FF and CSCs are left home. The m43 fails the above 3 constraints, though theoretically it could meet one and fail the other two. But then, my 220gr. NEX-C3 is smaller than most/all m43, and also cheaper.

Second, the lens choice. The 1.5x factor of NX/NEX arguably retains some of the (U)WA effects of the 8 to 20mm lenses, so one can choose FF or APS for a shooting, with comparable IQ from the excellent new Sony/Samsung sensors. The m43's 2x multiplier is truly complementary to FF, and the IQ also less comparable owing to the smaller sensor.

Net: The APS-C bodies from NX/NEX are credible alternatives to FF bodies and excellent performers w/ FF lenses (NEX wins owing to its focus peaking and slightly better EXMOR sensors). To avoid glass investment dilemmas such as OP's, one can buy top FF glass and use it on NEX/NX with arguably comparable results, except the 1.5x and AF factors. This glass will last decades --almost, since floating lenses and aperture springs may cause trouble-- of use across its native and alien (NEX/NX) platforms.

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