Disappointed with K-30.

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Re: and there is the problem...

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Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

Of course, if the OP's camera really does leak water then it's faulty and should be fixed. But if, as seems likely, the problem comes from condensation of humidity consequent on rapid temperature change he has nothing to complain about.

If it was just condensation, why did it leave a residue?

In the first post the OP mentioned lines on the LCD, which he interpreted as being something electronic. That seems entirely consistent with condensation affecting some contacts. He didn't mention residue in that post: if I've missed a reference in later posts, please point it out.

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I can't believe were 82 posts in !!

The manual states DO NOT expose camera to rapid temperature changes , The OP for whatever reason ignored this warning. There were consequiences to his actions.!

That is the start begining and end no issue round WR or Pentax QC the op ignored warnings and got bit with the results.

If the OP had said 'I threw my 'rugedised penatx on the floor and it shattered how crxp are Pentax' would the same arguments be raised re Pentax adverts proclaiming how tough the little K30 is ?

I think some people need to take a reality check before posting !!!

Not sure he ever said there was a rapid temperature change. You guy's all said that. He just said that he brought it to a water park.

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