X-E1 capable of auto exposure bracketing with the camera timer?

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Re: X-E1 capable of auto exposure bracketing with the camera timer?

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Can I initiate a set of AEB images with the self-timer? It's very annoying that no m4/3 cameras can do that so I'm wondering if Fuji have done anything about that.

Yes, works just fine.

Really? Once I initiate the self-timer that's set to 10 seconds, will the camera automatically fire a bracketed set of shots at the pre-determined range after 10 seconds?

Yep - the self timer will trigger whatever you've set the drive mode to.

What's the maximum number of frames for the X-E1's AEB function?

The AEB is limited to 3 shots and will only bracket up to 1 stop.

So -1, 0, +1? I can't do -2, 0, +2?

You'd think it should considering it has a dial that goes to 2 on the body. I can only see 1/3, 2/3 and 1 stop bracket options.

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