Nikon tacky advertising in canada

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Re: Nikon tacky advertising in canada

illy wrote:

Banger wrote:

Interesting, I think it shows Nikon are running scared, because the E-M5 IQ quality, and build quality, and cracker lenses (also Panansonic), are what the vast majority of users want. Despite their negative advertising nobody wants to carry a brick around on a daily basis and certainly not on a trek. And what's worse is they have no real answer to the mirrorless camera technology advance. Sensor technology improvements will result in no FF advantage whatsoever for 99% of users.

In fact, unfortunately they don't even have a sound strategy to offer mirrorles technology, because they have hitched their future to the DSLR, with monstrous lenses and FF bodies which nobody (except in a studio), wants to carry on a daily basis.

Nikon is being defensive and their advertising is a reflection of this, I suspect there is a lot of soul searching going on in the Nikon (and Canon) camps.

Watch this space ....the next 24 months will be very interesting.

Rgds, Rob

how does it show they are running scared?

how is the advertising negative?

they have no strategy with the Nikon 1 system?

how is the advertising defensive?

you've made a lot of assumptions there based on virtually no factual evidence by the looks of it.

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Looking at his posts he seems to be another yet another Olympus fan with a Nikon problem, never came across that before lol. Nikon are obviously running scared because of the huge profits Olympus and Panasonic imaging divisions are making  , no wait that can’t be right they are both losing money .

Just for fun here are the top selling interchangeable cameras in Japan , perhaps he could point out why Nikon should be frightened of the success of the E-M5 , Japan being the best market in the world for Mft.

Or maybe America, where it doesn’t even feature in the top 150 selling  digital cameras!493964%2Cn%3A502394%2Cn%3A281052&ie=UTF8&qid=1357819788

As long as his EP3 is better than those pesky Nikon cameras all is well


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