Will a 50mm "FD" fit my 5D classic?

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Re: Will a 50mm "FD" fit my 5D classic?

Rusty Halverson wrote:

Correct me if I'm wrong here, becaused I am self-informed - err don't quote me on anything, for that matter - but would I be better served to get a 50mm Prime that does not auto focus or image stableize since it'll be used on a tripod in a studio or on locations or is it pretty important to have that extra capability and I'll use it more than I think?

I can't think of one 50 mm lens, which has IS (Image Stabilization). As for AF (auto focus), none of the adapted lenses (including Canon FD) will AF on 5D, only Canon EF  and other company lenses design for EF mount can do it.

If you going with MF (manual focus) lenses, adapted to 5D, I would advise to get Canon Ee-S focusing screen. This screen is design for manual focusing, it allows you much better to see, where is the focus. I use this screen on both 5D and 5DMKII and is very helpful. Also, check out the Magic Lantern firmware for 5D, it has some nice features helping with manual focus as well.

Regarding lenses, I had OM 50/1.4 and Nikkor 50/1.2, both much cheaper than Canon EF equivalents. If you are into nice bokeh, Nikkor would be my choice, but both Olympus and Nikon have many nice choices of prime lenses, which can be used on FF Canon. Beware that some other lenses may damage the mirror in 5D, as the distance from lens to mirror is different for each manufacturer.

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