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Re: Tribute to M43 tread!

SlamdunK wrote:

please don't tell others their needs just because your are different. Yes m4/3rds is a great system but it doesn't meet everyone's needs and wants, some people need better low light performance, some people need more resolution, some want smaller and compact the list is endless............

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Am I not allowed to have an opinion and express it? It is not like I am going to the other forums to gloat. And is it not part of the meaning of this forum to express your views, and discuss them? I respect that others may not agree on what I am saying, but honestly I believe very few really have a Professional need for FF compared to m43, on the contrary I belive many would benefit from using m43.

Things like EVF With live view and exposure controll is defenetly the way to go forward. What you see is what you shoot. The size of the lenses makes it much more manageble, the quality of the lenses somtimes Equals the FF equalient etc.

I find it hard to fint an argument the other way expect for DOF, but that is also mostly possible with m43 trough the voigtlander lenses, telephoto, the coming 43mm f1.2, Olympus 75mm 1.8 etc.

The modern m43 sensor is better the the "proffesional" FF Sensors from few generations back. Offcourse the D800 makes fantastic Pictures, but so do m43.

Steve huff made a comparion of the Leica monochrome with the omd:

Does my eyes decieve me, or are the pictures hard to tell apart?

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certainly you are yes, you can also make assumptions for others no matter how incorrect they may be. People choose cameras for lots of different reasons, and sometimes for no other reason than whose name sits on it. But some people do need bigger higher resolution cameras which are more capable in the sports/low light type of scenarios. For the majority m4/3rds would indeed serve them very well and cut down on the size of weight of their equipment with no loss in I.Q. Modern sensors do tend to be better than what went before them, but the assumption that one size fits all is incorrect.

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The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

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