Portability v Quality are we obsessed by size?

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Re: Portability v Quality are we obsessed by size?

Some people absolutely hate it. The weight drags them down, they don't see the difference between their outputs from a smaller sized ilc compared to their dslr, their intensity of usage of a camera system does not justify a big expenditure into a dslr, etc etc.

That being said, everyone uses their camera for different circumstances and have different levels of expectation surrounding their hobby or profession.

I love my dSLR system. I love the performance, I love the images I can produce, I love how it makes me creative in the way I feel how creativity should be. I don't like that it's heavy. Carrying around my 5d3+ 24-70, 85L and 16-35 + accessories on my recent Tokyo trip left me with a pain on my shoulders that persisted for well over 2 weeks after the trip. But I love the quality despite the "lack" of portability.

However, I am keen on getting a smaller camera, say perhaps the Canon Powershot N because I want to take self potraits with my significant other, and I want a camera which is light and small and wide enough for me to do this easily, or can pass to someone who would be far more relaxed using it to help us take a photo compared to my behemoth with it's myriads of settings, autofocus points and general heaviness. The iPhone just does not cut it because it's not wide enough and not easy enough to press in the desired situation.

Perhaps in pure numerical numbers, this small camera may not have the "quality" of DSLRs, but to me, to see photos of me and my significant other happy together with shots that are usually really hard to take because we both carry heavy DSLRs, well to me, that is pure quality as well.

In the end, only you can decide on which sized system is best for you. You have to head to your local camera store and try out the range of cameras and think to yourself, "does this suit what I believe to be portable/quality? Does it meet my personal criteria for my own intended usage?"

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