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Guy Parsons
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Hen3ry wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Olympus Australia does not honour so-called International Warranties that come with grey stock.

Which it typical of all kinds of stuff in Oz which is bought outside of the country. This is crummy -- don’t they realize that world trade is world trade? 2 million people fly out of Melbourne airport alone on international flights every year -- are they expected NOT to buy any duty free, genuine goods OS?

And what about all those tourists who visit Australia -- and take a worthless (for them) warranty card home?

It’s crook, mate.

Olympus (and everyone else) should honor their warranty wherever. it would all pretty much even out in the end.

The Oly service manager told me that they changed the way the warranties worked some time back, maybe a few years, as each country now seems to have its own rules about how warranties will be handled.

He said they do handle some foreign warranty stuff but done on a case by case status. They have handled warranty work on USA gear at times but it seems that USA does not willingly return the favour.

Genuine travellers passing through are handled sympathetically, but you can understand how this all works, the local office needs to buy and stock spares anticipating repairs based on what they import and sell. If they get flooded by warranty work on say Hong Kong imports then they are working for no return on stuff where they made no money in the first place.

It's up to the buyer of grey imports to see how the warranty will work and also maybe better to buy whatever extended warranty is available, if it can be ascertained that the repairs will be performed in the buyer's country as the preferable method.

My wife has just sorted this out with buying a locally unobtainable Casio camera from Hong Kong and bought a 5 year extension. The reassurance is that warranty repairs will happen in Australia. I assume that their normal and extended warranties are more of an insurance scheme, when a fault occurs they commission a local repair and then pay for it.

As I said, the local warranty worked for my locally bought E-PL1 where it transmogrified into an E-P3 at no cost as the repair was uneconomical. That was nice.

Regards......... Guy

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