What is with this "shutter shock" worry?

Started Jan 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
Richard Biffl Regular Member • Posts: 101
You hear about it because there is a setting for it

My understanding of shutter shock on mirrorless cameras is that it means something different from the meaning on SLRs. On an SLR, the mirror is flapping around, shaking the camera when the shutter is released. On a mirrorless, the shutter movement involves less mass and creates less shake, but the camera's lighter weight makes it more vulnerable to shaking when the photographer's hand presses the shutter release.

Some mirrorless cameras (I don't know about DSLRs) have an option for antishock delay, so the shutter can open a couple seconds after the release button is pressed. I think the availability of this option has made shutter shock a more-discussed topic than when there was nothing to do about it.

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