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Guidenet wrote:

We're not talking about a professional's bag full of lenses. Even we don't carry that around. That's sound bites not real events. It's cliche. We're talking about a 19 ounce camera and a couple more ounces for a telephoto lens over the kit. That's not overkill for anyone. A little girl could carry that around without complaint.


That same old cliche about the best camera is the one that you have with you is also overused and I think pretty much nonsense, but people toss it out like something new. The best camera is the best camera, and you ought to have it with you within reason, if you're a photographer and not some vacation snap shooter. Something like a D5100, Canon T4i, Pentax K30 is not a huge heavy weight. They are basically inexpensive hollow plastic tiny little SLRs with small digital imaging sensors in them. They weigh very little and don't take up much room.

The lenses for DSLR cameras are heavy and the cameras are physically relative large, because of the long register distance. For practical reasons you need a bag. You need two bags or one big bag if you want to carry something else.

Why are you not carrying bag full of lenses? Because the bag is heavy? By choosing a system like Micro four thirds, you could carry more lenses with less weight. And yes, there is a small sacrifice in IQ, but in a blind test it is not possible to see the difference without pixel-peeping. Most of the mirrorless system cameras use APS-C sensors, after all, and micro four thirds is not much smaller.
Could you give some example of a lightweight DSLR telephoto lens? For example a 600mm equivalent, like the Olympus 75-300 that weights 15 ounces.
I disagree with you about the what is the best camera. Do you always carry your DSLR? Don't you ever wish that you had taken it with you?

DSLR of course have their use. I am just saying that the disadvantages are often larger than the benefits.

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