So - whats your take on DP3 M ?

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There is a point!
this camera will deliver "quite good" (but by no means best in class) IQ in perfect light and at base ISO; [...] very poor files under any other circumstances; [...] operating quirks [...] require several spare batteries [...] Frankly I don't see the point.

With a little "tweaking" of your post, there is a point, right?

I share your opinion that the DP3 might be the DPxM breed with the smallest niche... but it has a niche.

While we don't have any hard evidence yet, but based on the DP2M it isn't that far-stretched to assume that the DP3 will deliver outstandig images in its niche.

You won't buy it, and I won't either but some people will. And I rather have the choice of not buying a camera than not having any choice at all, right?



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