Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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Both, if you can afford it

Start with OM-D. OM-D is the best available small size interchangeable lens camera. I think it's ideal for what you want to do with your camera, taking photos of kids and family with high quality. The kit lens is better than many say for everyday photography and for macro, and with a couple of fast primes you also are able to get nice portraits with nice blurry background.

D800 on the other hand is surely the best high-res camera you can buy today without breaking the bank and get yourself a medium format. Of course it is better than the OM-D regarding IQ, to say anything else is ridiculous. But it is a lot heavier and bulkier and much more expensive of course. But sometimes and some day you may want the ultimate IQ and if you do I think the D800 is the right choice if you want a camera like that today.

Both cameras are excellent but for different reasons. They are the best you can get today within each category. On the other hand I think we can expect an interesting development the coming year. So it may change soon. You never know. Canon may come with a new high-res FF to match D800. Olympus will surely introduce an OM-D Pro with pdaf and higher resolution and/or better high ISO performance.

But as you need a camera now - go for OM-D E-M5!

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