Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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Re: Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

Buy the Oly.

with the saved money you can add the Oly 75 and possibly the Pana 25.

This kit, togethr with the Pana 12-35 and (and the 45 1.8 - as this is a must for portraits), will satisfy yourself, you wife and your baby for years.

I can admitt that the overall quality of Nikon D800 and other FF gear may exceed that of OMD, but:

What use will you do of all those un necessary extra pixels?

Are you ready to carry with you the huge extraweight of a FF And relevant gear?

Are you ready to afford the extra cost of top level FF lenses?

Unless you are a pro, there is absolutely no reason to look at FF cameras if compared to OMD.

Months ago I moved from Canon FF 5D mkII and 6 red circled lenses to OMD with a good batch of lenses and I' m fully satisfied with the choice I did.

Once again:

if you are not a pro and if you do not want impress your customers/ friends

if you do not print larger than A1 format

if you do not look at yous pictures at cinema

buy the OMD and complement with the right lenses.

To avoid criticis, from others I underline that this is my personal opinion only, that I do not own the truth, that I' not god and so. But be sure that I do not work for Oly nor Pana.


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