What is with this "shutter shock" worry?

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Re: You seem to understand part of it well...

Paul De Bra wrote:

The reduced mass of camera and lenses and the absence of mirror slap make shutter shock a possible cause for some visible blur.

But there is a second factor: With the dslr the shutter is closed and to take a picture it just opens and closes. With m43 the shutter is open (to allow the sensor to feed the lcs and/or evf) so when you want to take a picture the shutter first closes and then opens to take the picture (and then closes again and opens again). It seems that the closing of the shutter produces a bit more shock than opening. As a result the "anti-shock" feature of at least some m43 cameras helps: it introduces a short delay after closing the shutter before the shutter opens, thus eliminating the shock from closing the shutter.

The root cause of why the problem isn't eliminated in camera by default is that cameras nowadays need to be lightning fast for marketing reasons. A very small delay (say 1/10s) between closing the shutter and opening it would eliminate shutter shock (from closing) but would have the camera killed in marketing and reviews. I have my E-M5 set on 1/8s anti-shock delay and for the most part this delay doesn't bother me as much as the visible blur when anti-shock is not on.

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Hi Paul!

I see that you are very competent in this topic.

Have you done some experimentations with  anti-shock  turned on and off?

Is there a big difference? Thank you very much.

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