Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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Re: Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

Nice shots, but the 35-100 2.8, 60mm 2.8, 25mm 1.4 and 45mm 1.8 will no doubt do similar. In fact the 60mm macro and 25mm f1.4 can do exactly what you show here? be nice to see some comparisons?

marike6 wrote:

If you want the ultimate IQ, excellent D4 level high ISO ability that is great for working indoors in natural light, class leading DR, and fast and sure AF even in extremely low light, get the D800. There is nothing quite as satisfying as a camera with a pro-level AF system. For photographing people with shallow DOF, and beautifully defocused backgrounds, it doesn't get much better than the D800.

A couple of quick shots of my little one.

D800, 70-200 f4G ED VR

D800, 70-200 f4G ED VR

D800, 50 1.8G

D800, 28 1.8G

If you want a smaller more portable camera with very good all around IQ and a nice feature set like 5-axis IBIS, get the EM5.

Good luck, Markus

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