So - whats your take on DP3 M ?

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Re: CIPA battery life: 97 shots ??!

antoineb wrote:

I think that there are reviews of the predecessor model that show it is capable of producing some nice files, in perfect light and at base ISO. When the light levels drop or if you raise the ISO then you get noise that looks like that on a cheap compact camera of over 5 years ago.

It seems that the new model is less pathetically slow on some dimensions, than the older model - but it remains very crippled.

Finally they're nearing the 100 shot battery life as per CIPA - wow! Even the mirrorless cameras with the shortest battery life achieve 250 shots or so, and most decent cameras achieve over 300 while many compacts achieve over 400 and most DSLRs are above 1000.

Bottom-line: this camera will deliver "quite good" (but by no means best in class) IQ in perfect light and at base ISO; deliver very poor files under any other circumstances; present the user with various operating quirks that will make even cheap compacts seem wonderful by comparison; and it will require several spare batteries for even just a half-day of enthusiast shooting. Frankly I don't see the point. I even wonder why Sigma bother with this at all.

And luckily for you, purchase is not compulsory! The only mystery is why people with no interest in the cameras hang around the Sigma forum bashing...


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