Black and White Portrait- how did I go?

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Re: Black and White Portrait- how did I go?

cambau wrote:

Love constructive criticism- I'm just starting and I have a lot to learn. I really tried to work on Depth of field here with a big aperture working with focal length and distance from the subject.

I also put my new found knowledge on Calculations conversion to Black and White to work here.

What can I do to improve?

You're off to a good start.  I like the expression, the shooting angle, and the way you played with the composition and cropping.  Here are a few quick suggestions:

While I like the close crop, I think the left side is cropped a bit too close.  I think if you included a little more on the left side, the composition would still be interesting without being such a dominant factor that it potentially distracts from everything else.

Portraits are usually more compelling when the eyes are brought out.  There are always exceptions to the rule, but I'd like to see what this one looks like with more light on the eyes.

I realize that your goal was to experiment with narrow depth of field, but in this case, for me, the background distracts from the subject despite the blur.  The puffy B&W shapes pull my attention away from the subject's face.  The composition and lighting contribute to the pull of the background.

The B&W conversion isn't bad.  You might be able to increase the contrast a little if you want without losing detail.

Hope this helps,


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