Jessops (uk camera store) has entered administration

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Re: I am shocked, shocked...

sgoldswo wrote:

Corkcampbell wrote:

Haven't we been expecting this for a few years?

Sorry for any effect on the Plymouth location; they have been helpful to me a few times during my annual trips there.

They went through a previous debt for equity swap but lost their way (again) when the management brought in to turn it around left.

Unfortunately my experience in recent years was that if staff had any knowledge of technical matters it was a matter of their own knowledge and enthusiasm rather than any training. The stores seemed to devote far too much space to P&S cameras than seemed sensible in this day and age. With a few exceptions the stores never seemed to have newer or high end products in stock.

I feel sorry for the guys in the Moorgate branch, who (unlike other branches I won't mention) clearly did have some enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, cameras. They helped me out on a couple of occasions.

I went into a brand new store in Bristol last weekend and was very pleasantly surprised, the store had a large number of P&S as expected, including higher end models - all out on display on the shop floor where customers could pick them up and handle them.

Further into the store they had a full complement of Sony NEX & Alpha SLRs, they had Canon and Nikon including 5DIII & D800 & 600. They had the new Fujis (X100, EX1 etc) they had Panasonic GF5, G3, G5, GX1 & GH2. They also had Olympus EPL5.

All of these were out on display and able to be picked up and handled without having to ask a member of staff.

The prices were decent and the shop was full of customers.

If I'd realized my local store had been improved to this extent I would have shopped there much more frequently.

It's definitely a loss, the number of high street photographic retailers is dwindling fast - with Jessops gone the only options near me will be London Camera Exchange which from experience are very hit and miss.

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