How is the D4 focusing system?

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Pradipta Dutta
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D4 Auto focus is Nikon's best so far

Eng Yeap wrote:

well with no review on the D4 yet, I thought I'll ask the question here.

Those who are buying/bought D4 are mostly those who would not rely on review of the camera at DPR.

How is the D4's focusing system?

It is the best Nikon has rolled out so far. Unlike the AF module on D3, which was revolutionary, D4's AF module is only a slight evolution from that of D3. But it sure is an improvement both from the perspective of max aperture for AF (f/8) and tracking as well.

The new move to remove the dedicated focus levers sure did baffle me when I was holding a D4 in the shop, and the shop assistant didn't know anything either.

I had to go home and read up what they did to it, , so I didn't test it out in the shop. Darn.

So you D4 shooters out there, how is the new focusing system?

how do you find the new joysticks?

What focus modes do you use to shoot sports?

If you happen to buy a D4, do yourself a favor and buy a guide from someone like Thom Hogan. His eBooks usually are written much better than Nikon's user manual. From your questions it is clear that you are not familiar with the latest Nikon cameras. Reading Thom's guide will sure help.

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